Ben Affleck says George Clooney helped him spent plenty of time with his kids during filming

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Ben Affleck says George Clooney gave him plenty of time off to be with his kids.

The 'Tender Bar' actor has opened up on working with his friend and fellow father - who directed the new movie - and how he was able to spend as much time as possible with son Sam, nine, and daughters Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 12.

He told PEOPLE magazine: "My life has really changed a lot. Once I had kids, it became very obvious to me that the priority was time with them.

"George was spectacular in that way. He's a dad too and would let me out on the weekends or cut me early.

"He really understood and appreciated how important it was for me to see my kids."

Ben - who has his three kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner - revealed he made sure to prioritise his family over his career following their divorce in 2018 when he "had half the time" with his kids.

He added: "So I'm trying to fit a whole week of dad into three and a half days, [it's] hard and stressful. My standards really changed.

"I don't want to go travel and do something if it's not really rewarding and meaningful.

"Yeah, I have to work. The kids know I have to work. Their mom has to work. They understand that. But it's not like I'm some martyr for my kids. I get more out of it than anything else."

His work on 'The Tender Bar' - which is based on J.R. Moehringer's memoir - met his standards, with Ben playing Uncle Charlie, who is a father figure to JR.

He said: "I have to find a way to make [a role] resonant to me. Some things are easier, some things are a stretch.

"In my case, there are some very clear [parallels to my 'Tender Bar' character]. My dad was a bartender. My dad was really interested in writing and literature and storytelling and passed that on to me.

"And it was a community very similar to the community on Long Island that's depicted in the movie."