Sigrid always carries spare socks

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Sigrid carries “fresh socks” everywhere she goes.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter hates having cold feet and insists that having a pair of black woollen socks in her bag means she ends up staying out longer and having more fun.

She said: “This was the first piece of advice I thought of immediately – woollen socks.

“There’s this Norwegian brand Devil and I wear its black wool socks every day.

“I bring a pair of fresh socks wherever I go because when I get cold feet I get tired and feel the need to go home.

"So it makes me stay out longer.”

Sigrid admitted she thought carrying spare socks everywhere was a “normal” thing to do when she was younger.

She added: “I feel like my mum made me believe that it was totally normal growing up.

“I’ve told everyone – now my guitarist has started wearing them and he says it’s changed his life.”

Over the years, the ‘Burning Bridges’ singer has learned not to rush into making decisions as she wasn’t listening to her instincts if she didn’t take her time.

She explained in a recent interview: “It’s OK to take your time to make a decision, so that you make it based on what you think rather than stress.

“I’m describing an ideal world here, I don’t think I’ll ever get away from some stress.

“At the start of my career I was so worried all the time about all of these decisions.

“But sometimes you can get quite caught up in the feeling that you have to decide super-quickly – especially because my job moves very fast.

“I don’t make good decisions when I’m stressed of pressured because I will make decisions based on what I think I should do more than what my gut feeling is telling me.”