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Automobile enthusiasts and motorcycle fans have had quite the rivalry for some time. There are many that see one or the other as superior or, at the very least, their preferred means of travel. While the two are pretty competitive with each other, it’s always fun to see when the age-old feud takes place, namely on a drag strip. We get to see a flagship twist take hold as a video from the Wheels channel on Youtube showcases a skirmish between a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and a Suzuki Hayabusa.

The event takes place at the Mission Raceway Park in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. Whether the Dodge Challenger Demon and Suzuki Hayabusa arrived in stock form or with enhancements to get the most out of the vehicles is unclear. There is always more at play than engine size; tires, weight, and most importantly, the driver all play prominent factors in helping decide who will win in any drag race. Even so, the ‘Busa would likely win simply due to the weight compared with the Dodge Demon. But if the ‘Busa was left stock and the Demon came with heavy modifications, well, the outcome would be very different.

Dodge Challenger Demon Vs Suzuki Hayabusa: The Race

The Hayabusa is allegedly running on a turbo mod, and it’s not clear if the Dodge Challenger Demon has any mods. Still, they certainly didn’t do it any favors as the muscle car had a terrible start, as many fans pointed out within the comment section. It bucked itself on a wheelie at the beginning, and then bogged down before really getting any traction. Meanwhile, the motorcycle was in its own world, managing to snatch an 8.84s victory. On the other hand, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon wasn’t even close, but still, it managed to nail an impressive 9.96-second ET, keeping things under 10 seconds. We imagine it would have done better if given another chance.

While it may not beat the ‘Busa even if a second run was given, the time may have been improved a bit if the start wasn’t so bad. Especially with those racing slicks on.