Toyota outsells GM in U.S. in 2021 to clinch top spot for 1st time

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Toyota Motor Corp. outsold General Motors Co. in the United States last year with new car sales of 2.33 million, clinching top spot in the market for the first time despite a chip crunch.

Toyota became the first non-U.S. carmaker to top the annual sales ranking in the country, dethroning GM that had been the No.1 seller since 1931, according to U.S. media.

The Japanese automaker said Tuesday its new vehicle sales in the United States in 2021 increased 10.4 percent from the year before as it better managed the semiconductor crisis.

GM sold 2.22 million vehicles last year, down 12.9 percent from the previous year as the chip shortage and supply chain disruptions forced many of its North American factories to halt production.

Toyota's sedans, such as the Corolla and Camry, as well as its Tacoma pickup trucks sold particularly well, according to the Japanese company.