TV Asahi president resigns over misuse of company funds

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The president of TV Asahi Corp. stepped down Thursday after he was found to have misappropriated company funds for personal use, according to the Japanese broadcaster.

TV Asahi's board of directors accepted the resignation of Keiji Kameyama, with Chairman Hiroshi Hayakawa to now also serve as president, the broadcaster said.

TV Asahi said the misuse of funds happened while Kameyama traveled around Japan to attend sporting events and engage in promotional activities. On one occasion in November last year, it said the 63-year-old, who became president in June 2019, claimed private expenses, including a dinner and golf outing worth about 600,000 yen ($5,200), as business-related.

The misuse came to light after the Tokyo-headquartered broadcaster set up an investigative commission in December following multiple scandals involving its sports division.

It also said that Kameyama often used a company car for private purposes during office hours.