Japan firms, universities call for using interns' info in recruiting

Japan's largest business lobby and universities called on the government Monday to allow companies to use the performance evaluations of students who worked as interns for recruiting activities, a practice that could lead to drawn-out job hunts and increase the burden on students.

A council formed by officials of the Japan Business Federation and universities said they aim to begin the new employment screening process for students graduating in fiscal 2024.

The education, labor and industry ministries decided Monday to review the current guidelines and are planning to agree to the request, government officials said.

The government had been concerned that if a company uses information about internships, typically offered in the summer of a student's third academic year, it may move forward the job-hunting period for students and harm their studies.

Under the current government guidelines, companies begin holding job orientation sessions in March for third-year students.

The council decided to ask companies to ensure that interns engage in actual work for more than half of their internship period rather than using the programs as part of the recruiting process.

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