Main events scheduled for May 2-8

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Main events scheduled in Japan for May 2-8:

May 2 (Mon)

-- Survey on consumer trends for April to be released by Cabinet Office.

-- New-vehicle sales figures for April to be released by Japan Automobile Dealers Association.

May 3 (Tue)

-- Constitution Day, national holiday.

-- Akasaka Palace to open for public during night time for 3 days.

May 4 (Wed)

-- Greenery Day, national holiday.

May 5 (Thu)

-- Children's Day, national holiday.

May 6 (Fri)

-- Japan Airlines to release FY 2021 earnings.

-- Two-day festival featuring movies about same-sex marriages starts in Tokyo.

May 7 (Sat)

-- No major events.

May 8 (Sun)

-- No major events.