The State Of Cryptocurrencies In 2022 : United States Leads The Way

  • Google Trends data reveals the worlds appetite for Cryptocurrency
  • Interest for Bitcoin is waning as North Americans show more interest in Ethereum, Solana and XRP
  • Americans concerned about Crypto’s impact on the environment
  • Dogecoin is the most searched for currency in the world

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The research which looked at search data from the past year, looked at countries most asked questions when it comes to Cryptocurrencies to decipher exactly where the global population stand with the digital currency, which coins are they the most interested in and who is actively looking to trade them.

When looking at global search volume regarding all crypto-related queries the United States lead the global interest with 8.21% of all queries coming from the US, this is closely followed by United Kingdom with 8.10%, Canada with 7.31%, India 6.91% and Australia with 5.97%.

When it comes to the different cryptocurrencies, the data revealed that Bitcoin is taking a bit of a backseat in the American market, with searches for Solana (18.75%) and Ethereum (14.89%) coming out higher than Bitcoin (14.29%).

The study also looked into the rise of NFTs and discovered that Americans still don't quite understand them, despite their rosta of celebrity owners, ranking 100 when it comes to ‘what are NFTs search popularity. They were also the country that showed the most concern when it comes to their environmental impact and energy consumption, ranking the highest out of all territories for queries related to the topic.

Saxo also looked into the most popular coins globally and Dogecoin leads the pack with 18.56% of the globe's search volume, this is followed by NFTs with 15.74%, and Ethereum 15.71%. Bitcoin isn’t far from the bottom with only 5.74% of searches.

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