Crypto console company accused of stealing iconic GameCube logo

There are two absolute truths in this world: League of Legends is a bad game and the GameCube startup screen slaps. Apparently, the GameCube logo slaps so hard that another console is being accused of stealing the design.

Polium, an NFT console developer, is being accused of copying the GameCube's iconic logo. The Polium One is its latest console, dedicated specificlaly to crypto gaming and NFT shenanigans. The "multi-chain" device is set to launch in 2024 but it has run into some backlash from hardcore Nintendo fans.

The Polium One's logo looks eerily similar to the GameCube's. It basically looks like the GameCube logo flipped upside down and drained of color.

The console devleopers have denied the accusations, tweeting that they did "not copy" the GameCube logo. In fact, they added, "multiple companies" have similar logos. Why they would choose a design that's been done by multiple other companies is questionable in itself.

"But we will illustrate a new logo that is original," the tweet added.

Despite the backlash, Polium stated that Web 3 gaming is "the future" and are confident in their first console. It will have exclusive games and is currently being built by a team with familiarity in hardware and software. No pre-orders will be available until there is a prototype up and running, developers added.

While crypto products in general have mixed response from internet culture, Polium has impressed some with its specs. It will have 4K Ultra HD, 120 FPS cap, and even a fingertip scanner. For now, however, the console is just a mere concept with a very familiar logo.

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