Adam Sandler undergoes hip surgery

Adam Sandler has undergone hip surgery.

The 'Uncut Gems' actor has been pictured walking with a cane and sources told TMZ he is relying on the aid during his recovery from an operation.

According to the outlet, the 56-year-old actor didn't have a sudden injury or medical emergency, but had specifically scheduled the surgery to be timed between his projects, and he is expected to be fully healed and ready to go when his comedy tour kicks off late next month.

The surgery was successful and Adam is even looking forward to playing basketball again soon.

In June, Adam revealed he was still suffering the effects of a groin injury he sustained while shooting basketball drama 'Hustle'.

He said: “We had some of that going, but that’s before I popped my groin.

“There was one night my groin couldn’t take it anymore then I said, ‘I guess I’m gonna have to watch these guys go’.”

The ‘Funny People’ actor added the injury was “so bad” and he was having issues with his movement.

He said: “It’s been a year already and I’m still limping around like a fool... it's horrible."

In 'Hustle' Adam – who has daughters Sadie, 16, and Sunny, 13, with wife Jackie – played a former basketball scout who battles to resurrect his career by recruiting a player from Spain named Bo Cruz, played by pro Juancho Hernangómez, 26, to play for the NBA and though he loves the sport, he found it "humiliating" getting on the court with professional sportsmen.

He said: “I played with everybody, all the guys, and it’s humiliating, you know?

“You take a shot in front of them you see how flat your shot is you see how dumb you look you have no form.

“Then. when they shoot. you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, alright, that’s how you're supposed to play’.”

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