Jordin Sparks wants to inspire her son on Dancing with the Stars

Jordin Sparks hopes to inspire her son on 'Dancing with the Stars'.

The 32-year-old singer is set to star on the hit TV series, and Jordin is determined to inspire her four-year-old son, Dana, in the dance competition.

She explained: "I want to show him that you can be brave and scared at the same time. So I really am doing this for him."

Dana is already excited to watch his mom on the show.

Jordin told PEOPLE: "'Where are you going, Mommy?' He asks me every morning. 'I got to go to work. I got to go to rehearsal.'"

The 'Tattoo' hitmaker feels as though her life is now entering a new chapter, with her husband Dana Isaiah starting a new job and her son starting school.

She reflected: "There's a lot of new chapters and new beginnings happening and it feels a little frantic a little bit.

"But at the same time, when I come home and I'm able to just sit with him and bond with him, we have that reconnection moment, it makes it all worth it."

The chart-topping star and her partner Brandon Armstrong opened the 'Dancing with the Stars' premiere with Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody'.

And the experience prompted Jordin to recall working with Whitney on the set of the 2012 musical film 'Sparkle'.

Jordin shared: "We were sitting and we were just waiting for [the] camera to turn around, and she started playing some amazing music and somebody did this amazing run and I was like, 'Wow, I wish I could do that'.

"And she looked at me and was like, 'You can do that. You can do that. Don't ever tell yourself that you can't. Don't let anybody tell you you can't. Don't let anybody else tell you you can't.' And I've carried that with me through a lot of my performances."

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