Liam Gallagher has taken six months off booze in past 30 years

Liam Gallagher has had six months off booze in the last three decades.

The 50-year-old rocker opened up on his voice after a career in the spotlight with Oasis, Beady Eye and now his own solo career, and he admitted his drinking and smoking has had an impact.

He told Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1: "The main thing for me is, obviously I smoke and I drink and I get involved, unlike some rock stars.

"And I've been doing that since I was 14, 15. I might have had six months off a couple of years go for a breather, but I'm normally drinking and smoking and whatever.

"I have had six months off in the last 30. So my voice will change, and it will change over years anyway.

"But it's all about in there. You know what I mean? It's like, soon as that mic opens, soon as that mic's there and you go to put your stamp on it, if you feel it there."

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker revealed his on stage ritual includes "half a bottle of brandy" before shows, although he's "backed it off now".

He added: "But the last year has been, I've been walloping the brandy with honey and hot water, and going on a little bit... I've been getting a bit battered on stage recently, just...

"Not battered, just... I wouldn't say nerves. You know what I mean? But I think as you get older, you do get a little bit more... You're not as cocksure."

Liam revealed the drink has helped calm his nerves on stage, but as the gig goes on he decides to have another swig.

He explained: "So I've been having a brandy just to chill me out a bit. And as you get on there, then you sort of thinking, about the seventh song or the sixth song you think, "Yeah, this is actually all right this, man. I'll have another one."

Listen to the interview on Matt Wilkinson's show on Apple Music 1 today (21st Sep) 12-2pm BST. Listen here

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