Adam Sandler Told An Epic Joke Of When He Wanted To See Shaquille O'Neal's P***s: "I Don't Have A Security Guard, That Was My D**k."

By Orlando Silva

Adam Sandler told an incredible joke of when he tried to see Shaquille O'Neal private parts.

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Adam Sandler and Shaquille O'Neal are two of the funniest people in the entire world. Adam made a living out of his talent to make people laugh, while Shaq was a monster on the court, but the coolest guy when he wasn't destroying rivals or backboards. These two have known each other for a while, but it wasn't until the 2010s when we saw them together on the big screen.

Shaq had participation in Grown Ups 2, taking the role of a police officer who was bullied by his older and way shorter big brother. That was a great experience for him, and the public loved O'Neal's role (at least the ones I've spoken to), just like his castmates loved to work with him.

As usual, everybody lived incredible experiences during that time, and Sandler had big stories to tell about Shaq.

Adam Sandler Told An Epic Joke Of When He Wanted To See Shaquille O'Neal's Pen*s

During a 2013 interview on Conan O'Brien's show, the legendary comedian and actor joked about how he felt curious about Shaquille O'Neal's penis and decided to lurk and see what it looked like.

“We hung out with the Shaq, and we all played basketball a lot on the set. And Shaq's there, and we're like, 'let's play ball with Shaq.' So we play ball with Shaq, full-court, running up and down, Shaq is swatting shots on our face, we were like, "yes! I'm so happy." Then, comes this thing. We play basketball, gotta get back to the movie set, Shaq has to take a shower. So, everyone's like 'alright, we'll see you later, Shaq." In my head, I'm like, 'I gotta see Shaq's penis. I can't miss that opportunity.' Not a gay thing, you just gotta see that... He's showering away, everybody left and I'm like, 'alright, let me see that thing."

Sandler's job wasn't easy, and he found a big obstacle to getting to his goal. After running into Shaq's security guard, he just felt bad and left the place.

"I go back there, I see the shower, I kind of turn around backward and walk backward. I'm doing my routine, getting closer to the shower, and then I go around. His bodyguard was there. And his bodyguard is just so strong, and big, and like this thick neck, bald head, with this one eye looking at me. So I said, 'sorry, I was just trying to see Shaq's penis. Please, don't tell Shaq. This happened.'"

However, what he didn't expect was Shaq's response, claiming that he didn't have a bodyguard, but the exact thing he was trying to see from the beginning.

"I see Shaq later on the set, and I said, "Shaq, sorry about that before with your security guard, and he goes, 'I don't have a security guard, that was my d*ck.'"

After he finished that story, everybody was laughing, including Conan. That was a pretty good joke, which shows how good of a storyteller Sandler is, but also how curious people feel about Shaq's genitals. Sandler trolled everybody with this joke, but it was a great one.

This is not the first time somebody talks about Shaq's private parts, as he recently was asked if he faced any challenge having sex given his height. O'Neal explained that he just has to figure things out and it'll be ok, even talking about geometry to explain how that works. So, as you see, Adam wasn't the only one being curious about Shaq's anatomy or his sexual life.

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