Michelle Williams 'learned a lot' playing Steven Spielberg's mom

Michelle Williams "learned a lot" playing Steven Spielberg's mom in 'The Fabelmans'.

The 42-year-old actress stars as Mitzi Fabelman - who is loosely based on Spielberg's real-life mother, Leah - in the coming-of-age drama film, and Michelle admits that the movie has changed her outlook on life.

She shared: "Myself, I'm a little quieter, I'm a lot shyer. And so, to live as this person for this period of time was really ... I learned a lot, and I hope I take a little bit of that love of life with me."

Michelle stars in the movie alongside Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Judd Hirsch, Jeannie Berlin, and Robin Bartlett.

The Hollywood actress also relished working with Spielberg.

Speaking about her experience of working with the acclaimed director, Michelle told PEOPLE: "I think seeing how connected [Spielberg] is to his childhood is really inspiring, that that's a place that he continues to draw from."

Earlier this year, Michelle admitted that she jumped at the chance to work with Spielberg.

The actress also revealed that the call from the legendary filmmaker came out of the blue.

She shared: "We were sitting around the house in COVID, with one day looking a lot like the next, and my phone beeped and I had a message that Steven wanted to talk to me.

"I couldn't comprehend that he might want to work with me. I thought he had a question or something. Then he got on the Zoom and told me that he wanted me to play this person, his mama."

'The Fabelmans' is a semi-autobiographical film, and Michelle previously gave fans an insight into what they can expect from the project.

She said: "It's funny, it's sad, it's kind of everything. It's the muchness of life. We're trying to reflect all of that."

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