Hilary Duff's 'whole family' has been struggling with illness

Hilary Duff's "whole family" has been battling illness over recent weeks.

The 35-year-old star - who has Luca, ten, with Mike Comrie, as well as Banks, four, and Mae, 18 months, with Matthew Koma - has revealed via social media that her family has been struggling with various illnesses.

Hilary explained on her Instagram Story: "I haven’t been on in a minute, that’s because my whole family has had COVID, Hand, Foot and Mouth, colds that were worse than COVID, RSV, Parainfluenza, the good old fashion flu - we had it all.

"I’m sure every single family is dealing with this right now, 'tis the season."

Meanwhile, Hilary revealed earlier this year that she loved the "aftermath" of her home births.

The actress chose a water birth at home for her two youngest children and Hilary thinks it's "one of the best things" she's ever done.

She explained: "A friend of mine had decided to give birth at home, and as soon as she told me, I was speechless. I didn’t think it was doable.

"With Luca, I had the classic natural birth in the hospital with all the necessary medicines. I waited many years before I had Banks. I had her at 31 and I like to challenge myself, face something that scares me. So, I started doing research, watching documentaries.

"Childbirth is a different experience for every woman and I wanted to try this practice. Supported by my husband, I did it and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life."

Hilary loved being at home and "surrounded by family" in the aftermath of the births.

The 'Wake Up' hitmaker said: "It is obviously difficult and in some moments uncomfortable, but the aftermath is wonderful: being in your home surrounded by family, with the other children ready to welcome the newborn. When I had Mae, in the middle of the pandemic, I had no intention of going near a hospital anyway."

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