Sydney Sweeney was 'embarrassed' by her body

Sydney Sweeney was "embarrassed" by her body as a teenager.

The 'Euphoria' actress adopted a "weird persona" and threw herself into sport and her studies because she didn't want people to "define" her by her curves.

She said: “I was embarrassed and I never wanted to change in the locker room. I think that I put on this weird persona other people had of me because of my body. So I did play every sport and I studied really hard and I did everything that people wouldn't think I would do, to show them that my body doesn’t define who I am.”

The 25-year-old star slammed "disgusting" trolls who targeted her family by sharing screenshots of her 'Euphoria' nude scenes.

She told the new issue of Britain's GQ magazine: “It got to the point where they were tagging my family. My cousins don’t need that. It’s completely disgusting and unfair. You have a character that goes through the scrutiny of being a sexualised person at school and then an audience that does the same thing.”

And now Sydney has become a household name, she's found those who used to mock her at school are the ones to message her with congratulations.

She said: “I truly believe success is the best revenge”

To pursue her acting dreams, the 'White Lotus' star's family gave up their home and moved into a motel to finance the cost of living in Los Angeles, and Sydney often felt "guilty" about their sacrifice.

She said: “I hated going home and friends or family members being like, ‘When are you going to get a real job? There were a lot of really condescending statements that would make me disappointed in myself and guilty that my parents had given up so much to allow me to follow my dreams.”

Sydney will be toasted at the 25th annual GQ Men of the Year celebration in association with BOSS, taking place in London on Wednesday (16.11.22).

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