Overwatch streamer finds Kiriko trick to block headshot damage

Kiriko is already a strong support hero, but she has become even more powerful after players discovered a trick that allows her to block headshot damage.

Kiriko has quickly become a meta healer in the new 5v5 playstyle of Overwatch 2. But like all support heroes, Kiriko is a bit squishy, leaving her vulnerable to aggressive pushes and flanks from the opposing team. But Florida Mayhem streamer Flats recently discovered something that may help Kiriko mains become a bit more durable.

Kiriko trick to block headshot damage

Kiriko only has 200 HP, meaning she can be eliminated witth a single headshot from Widowmaker and Hanzo. But Flats pointed out that there is a simple way to avoid these quick deaths. Apparently, all players have to do is look up.

In a short video posted to Twitter, Flats played Widowmaker and had a friend stand in front of him as Kiriko. He told his friend to simply look upward.

“Just look up. If I was trying to fight Kiriko, I can’t headshot her from any direction,” Flats said.

In the video, Flats attempted to headshot Kiriko while she looks upward. Kiriko survived Widow’s headshot multiple times. He continued to move around her until one shot finally took the support hero down.

“I have to like, really get behind you and shoot the back of your head from an angle. That’s crazy. Holy f—,” Flats exclaimed.

Overwatch players responded to the trick with mixed feelings. Some claimed that they already knew of the exploit since the game launched, noting that it may even be a good thing for the otherwise vulnerable hero.

Others wondered, however, if this Kiriko trick would get her temporarily removed from the game like with previous Mei and Bastion glitches. But Blizzard didn’t remove Kiriko the last time an exploit was discovered, only getting rid of the Ice Wall Queen, leaving many to assume that Kiriko would remain untouched.

Overwatch 2’s mid-season patch has been delayed. There is no official update from Blizzard if the patch will include fixes to Kiriko’s headshot trick. For now, this is a great way to keep Kiriko alive and heal teammates more effectively during a push.

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