Raheem Sterling uses YouTube and mindfulness app to prepare for big games

Raheem Sterling uses YouTube and a mindfulness app to prepare for big games.

The Chelsea and England ace has revealed he often watches funny videos online to help him unwind as he gets ready to play while he also uses the Headspace app which teaches mindfulness and meditation techniques to deal with stress and anxiety.

He said of his pre-game routine: "One of my favourite apps to get ready for a game is YouTube, I like to escape a little in humour and distract myself from any nerves.

"When it’s closer to the games I like to use my Headspace app and focus on my breathing and try to be present for the game.”

Sterling - who has partnered with technology giant Samsung to help promote the brand's foldables phones including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 - added: "When it comes to really big games, I try to get myself in the mindset of how I’m going to affect the game, and the more I don’t think about the game and go about my everyday life the better, to try to block the noise out."

He also shared a more superstitious ritual which involves wearing particular clothes to a game, adding: "If I score, I’ll just try to wear the same trainers with my tracksuit to the next game – and if I don’t score it’s going back in the closet."

Annika Bizon, Marketing and Omnichannel Director at Samsung, said of the partnership: “It’s been amazing to hear from Raheem about how he uses his tech to prepare himself mentally for huge matches, but also how his Fold4 really helps him to multi-task and get the most out of his downtime too.

"As an England footballing hero, Raheem is a true symbol of how we can use technology to bring people together and inspire the next generation of talent."

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