Denise Lewis hosts Google 'Runtethered' podcast

Google have teamed up with Denise Lewis to launch the 'Runtethered' podcast.

The company is trying to help the nation reduce the reliance on their mobile apps and get two hands back with the help of the new Google Pixel Watch.

The new podcast is hosted by Olympic gold medallist and mum-of-four Denise and is designed to help people "untether" from heavier non-hands-free devices and distracting apps.

Denise will be joined by people from a range of sports to share their motivation to get moving and the mental tips, tricks, and benefits to committing to something you love.

The podcast is accompanied by interviews designed to motivate people through shared experiences and provides listeners with content – increasing in length and accompanied by a range of 120 bpm music tracks – as well as encouragement from Denise and guests.

Denise will be joined on the podcast by actor and presenter Jonathan Bremner, podcast host Nicole Goodman, Team GB diver Grace Reid, musician Yamit Ezra and Capital Radio DJ Will Njobvu.

Google have launched the podcast after research revealed that more than a third of adults in the UK report feelings of anxiety when separated from their mobile phone.

The finding also reveal that 35 per cent of mobile phone owners are rarely more than a few inches away from their device even while doing their favourite activities.

'Runtethered with Denise Lewis' is available on Spotify, and you can buy the Google Pixel Watch in the Google Store.

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