Best Black Friday headphone deals: Nov 25

Who doesn’t love a great pair of headphones? And Black Friday is one of the best time of the year to score a fabulous deal on a set. All types of headphones—from earbuds to over-ear models, noise-cancelling or old-school hi-fi—are on sale this week. And we’ve spotted some amazing money-saving opportunities.

We’ve divided the deals we’ve found into five broad categories: noise-cancelling on-ear/over-ear headphones; noise-cancelling in-ear/earbuds; on-ear/over-ear Bluetooth headphones; in-ear/earbuds; and wired hi-fi headphones (those last three categories do not perform noise-cancelling). Each list is then sorted alphabetically by manufacturer.

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Best Black Friday deals on noise-cancelling on-ear/over-ear headphones

Best Black Friday deals on true wireless, noise-cancelling in-ear headphones and earbuds

Best Black Friday deals on on-ear/over-ear Bluetooth headphones

Best Black Friday deals on true wireless in-ear headphones and earbuds

Best Black Friday deals on wired hi-fi headphones

Black Friday headphone deals FAQ


Are Black Friday headphone and earbud deals really worth it?

You bet, we’ve found legitimate good deals on every type of headphone. While it might seem like everything is “on sale” all year long, retailers really do slash prices for Black Friday–and this year, they’ve started offering discounts much earlier in order to one-up the competition. TechHive’s editors work hard to point out the best deals we can find, ignoring headphones labeled as “deals” when the asking price is actually no different than at any other time of the year.


Are Black Friday headphone and earbud deals limited to lower-quality models?

No. While we haven’t reviewed every one of the on-sale models listed above, we’re only pointing out products from manufacturers we’ve dealt with, so we’re confident these deals are good values. That said, you can expect the higher-priced headphones and earbuds to have more advanced features—more effective noise cancelling, higher-quality materials, and so on—that you won’t get with the less-expensive products. But a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a headphone is a poor performer.


Which headphones have earned TechHive’s highest ratings?

TechHive’s experts review a lot of headphones every year, but only a few earn our highest recommendation. We prize audio performance over everything else, although we also take into account such things as design, materials and build quality, comfort and convenience, and included accessories. Here are our current top picks in headphones.


What types of headphones are on sale for Black Friday?

Yeah, there are a lot of different types of headphones—and we didn’t include every category! That said, we focused most of our attention on wireless (i.e., Bluetooth) headphones. The last category, hi-fi headphones, depend on a cable connected to the source, because—everything else being equal—that’s the no-compromises approach to personal listening.

Apart from that, our list is divided into on-ear and over-ear (headphones that sit on top of your ears or encircle them), in-ear headphones and earbuds (headphones that fit inside your ear canals or close to the entrance), noise-cancelling (headphones–both around-ear and in-ear models) that actively mask environmental noise), and true wireless (wireless in-ear or earbud headphones that have no wires connecting the components). You’ll also see references to open-back models (headphones that allow air from the backs of their drivers to escape through the ear cups) and closed-back models (headphones with ear cups that are sealed in the back).


Do you need to be an Amazon Prime member to get Amazon’s best Black Friday deals?

Unlike Amazon’s increasingly frequent Prime Day sales, you don’t need to subscribe to Amazon Prime to score any of these deals. But a Prime membership does come with other benefits, including free shipping. You also get subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 a month, or $139 per year, and you can sign up for a free 30-day Prime trial.


Why is it called ‘Black Friday?’

It’s widely perceived that retailers operate “in the red” (i.e., they’re not profitable) until the day after Thanksgiving, when huge sales enable them to finally turn a profit (i.e., they’re “in the black”). This year, Black Friday falls on November 25.

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