Queen Elizabeth’s friend says ‘The Crown’ is a ‘complete fantasy’

Royal rubbish?

A lifelong friend of Queen Elizabeth II slammed “The Crown” as an “unfair” and inaccurate portrayal of the British monarchy.

“(It’s) so unfair on members of the Royal Family,” Lady Anne Glenconner, a maid of honor at the late monarch’s coronation, told BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour.

She called the show a “complete fantasy.”

Glenconner took issue with what she said is the tendency of American viewers to believe the show “completely.”

She said in the Thursday podcast that she was “rather disappointed” in Helena Bonham Carter’s two-season portrayal of Princess Margaret.

Glenconner said Bonham Carter had come to her for tips on bringing Margaret to the screen.

Glenconner said she no longer watches the show and that it “just makes me so angry.”

After the death of the queen in September, Netflix agreed to add a “fictional dramatization” disclaimer to the show.

The fifth and penultimate season of “The Crown” hit Netflix this month, amid recent criticism leveled at the Emmy-winning series.

Judi Dench, a close friend of King Charles and his wife, Camilla, called on the streamer to issue the disclaimer “for the sake of a family and a nation so recently bereaved, as a mark of respect.”

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