Lakers Forward Juan Toscano-Anderson Puts Kobe Bryant Over LeBron James On All-Time Starting Five

By Nico Martinez

Juan Toscano-Anderson picks Kobe Bryant as the best player ever.

Credit: Fadeaway World

LeBron James may be one of the greatest players ever, but his exact place on the NBA's all-time player hierarchy is still up for debate. While some fans have him at the very top, others aren't certain he's better than Michael Jordan, who dominated the NBA scene in the 80s and 90s.

if you ask Lakers forward Juan Toscano-Anderson, however, he'll give you a different answer entirely. Despite currently playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he actually gave Kobe Bryant the nod on his All-Time list, which apparently only included players he's watched over the years.

“So for me, Kob is No. 1, Bron No. 2, Steph (Stephen Curry) No. 3, Shaq 4 and probably Timmy (Tim Duncan) No. 5.” Toscano-Anderson said.

He did give a quick mention to the real GOAT, though.

“Mike is the god, though,” he said. “He is who he is. We all know that.”

It's rare for Bryant to be so high on someone's All-Time list, especially at number one over LeBron James and Stephen Curry. But does Bryant really have a case for being the GOAT?

Kobe Bryant's All-Time Ranking A Topic Of Debate Among NBA Players

Kobe, a 5x champion, wasn't just one of the best scorers ever. He was also an elite perimeter defender and expert playmaker who contributed to the game in more ways than one.

While he may not have been as successful as MJ, Kobe himself never cared much for the GOAT debate.

“I will never say I am better than Michael. In all honesty, he taught me so many things, by observation, and also through conversation. It’s a bit of an unbalanced comparison too, because when he came to Chicago, he was able to do things individually that I didn’t have the freedom to do, coming to Los Angeles," Bryant said. "I came in playing a support role for Shaquille, which was very hard for my personality to do. That would be like asking Michael to do the same thing. Our careers tracked on different paths, but I would never ever say that, just because I learned so much from him.”

As an 18x All-Star, 15x All-NBA player, and 2x scoring champion, Kobe has a resume most players would kill for. The fact that it has some calling him the greatest ever is proof of just how accomplished Kobe's career really is.

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