Alicia Witt celebrates hair regrowth after cancer battle

Alicia Witt is "elated" that her hair has grown back after facing a cancer battle.

The 47-year-old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and lost her hair as a result of the chemotherapy treatment but took to social media on Monday (05.12.22) to celebrate that her red locks have grown back substantially in the months since recovery.

Alongside a selfie, she wrote on Instagram: "i don’t mean for this to be a vanity post! but - i do want to share because i know that there are a lot of you here who have gone through the same. and i’m honestly feeling pretty elated about the state of my hair right now. when i completed my treatment for breast disease back in march, i had worn @penguincoldcapsglobal cold caps so that i was able to keep enough of my hair to continue working through my treatments."(sic)

The 'Alice' star went on to add that as part of her haircare regime since the cancer treatment she has turned to Zenagen thickener but insisted that the post was not an advert.

She added: "what a gift to have that privilege, so that it could be my choice to share when i wanted to 🙏🏻 but still, about 45% or so did fall out. now, i’ve never had thick hair to start with! but, one month ago, i started using @zenagenhair vegan hair thickening products - on @veehollishair’s advice - and my goodness. i am NOT being paid to share this - i don’t do paid posts. but i want to let you know i feel this works, and works big time and quickly."(sic)

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