Jenna Ortega sees similarities between herself and Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega can see similarities between her real-life self and her 'Wednesday' character.

The 20-year-old actress plays Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series, 'Wednesday', and Jenna admits to having a similar sense of humour to her on-screen character.

She shared: "People have been telling me I look like her since I was six years old. And I have a pretty dark sense of humour!"

Despite this, Jenna needed to make some adjustments in order to play Wednesday.

She told PEOPLE: "I had to do things a bit different with my physicality and the way I carried myself.

"She almost has a social awkwardness. So when she does toxic, manipulative things, you know it's not coming out of malicious intent."

Jenna has also heaped praise on co-star Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 'Addams Family' movies in the early 90s.

She explained: "It was really intimidating because I have so much respect for her as an actress, and being dressed up how she was 30 years ago, it was a little awkward.

"But I felt safe with her on set almost immediately. She was really sweet about it, and such a generous actress."

Jenna recently revealed that she never asked Christina for any advice on the set of 'Wednesday'.

The actress resisted the temptation to turn to her co-star - who plays an entirely new role in the series - for some tips.

She explained: "I think when [Christina] was on set, neither one of us said Wednesday once to each other. I don't think she wanted to get in the way of my performance and feel like she was overbearing."

Jenna admitted that she didn't "want to be too much like [Christina]" with her portrayal of Wednesday.

The actress said: "I felt like I didn't want to pull up something that she did 30 years ago. For the sake of my own benefit, but two, yeah, I didn't want to rip her off and I didn't want to be too much like her."

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