Catherine Zeta-Jones teases a second season of Wednesday

Catherine Zeta-Jones is unsure whether 'Wednesday' will be renewed for a second season.

The 53-year-old actress plays matriarch Morticia Addams in the Netflix series that stars Jenna Ortega in the title role of the gothic teengager but admitted that the cast are unaware if more episodes are on the horizon.

Asked if there will be a season two, she told E! News:"We have no idea!"

Her comments come just days after former 'Stuck in the Middle' actress Jenna explained that she had always been compared to Wednesday - who first appeared as a cartoon character alongside her gothic family in a 1930s comic strip - but she still had to make some "physical" adjustments to be able to carry off the role.

She said:"People have been telling me I look like her since I was six years old. And I have a pretty dark sense of humour but I had to do things a bit different with my physicality and the way I carried myself. She almost has a social awkwardness. So when she does toxic,

manipulative things, you know it's not coming out of malicious intent

Meanwhile, the 'Chicago' star is now playing black market antiques dealer Billie Pearce, in upcoming Disney+ series 'National Treasure:Edge of History' - which is set to stream from Wednesday (14.12.22) - and explained it was "fun to have a little darker side" with the part.

Catherine said: "When Jerry Bruckheimer called, I was thinking, 'What am I gonna play in it? And then they told me that I will be playing this badass antiques dealer, black market trader who is looking for this treasure and is in a cat and mouse game with the leading lady. I was like, 'Yo, stop, this sounds like fun.'"

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