Chinese fighters repeatedly take off, land on carrier near Okinawa

Japan said Wednesday it has seen Chinese fighter jets repeatedly taking off from and landing on an aircraft carrier near Okinawa islands earlier this month, as Tokyo has been wary of Beijing's intensifying military activities in nearby waters.

The fighter jet activity involving the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning was witnessed about 60 times, while helicopters were seen executing the same maneuvers around 70 times over four days through Tuesday on the Pacific east and south of the southern island prefecture's Okidaito and Kitadaito islands, according to the Defense Ministry.

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force scrambled fighter jets while the Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Kirisame monitored the Chinese craft, the ministry said.

The Liaoning entered the Pacific on Friday through waters between Okinawa's main island and Miyako Island and has been sailing with missile destroyers in waters a few hundred kilometers away from the Okidaito and Kitadaito islands, the ministry added.

In May, the ministry confirmed similar moves by China more than 300 times over 12 days.

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