NTT to market technology to analyze connected car data in FY 2023

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. has developed technology that instantly analyzes data collected from tens of millions of connected cars, with an eye to commercializing it as early as fiscal 2023 starting April.

The technology, which enables the swift sharing of road information transmitted by cars including that related to traffic congestion and accidents, allows vehicles to travel safely and efficiently, and is expected to become fundamental for the spread of automated driving, the Japanese telecom giant said.

In demonstrations jointly conducted with Toyota Motor Corp., NTT has already confirmed that the data can be processed without problems when more than 30 million cars are simultaneously connected.

The telecom company has held discussions with several Japanese automakers on the practical application of the technology, leading to its possible incorporation in their car navigation systems, according to an NTT official.

The technology can detect objects on a road via an in-vehicle camera and notify cars traveling behind in about five seconds.

The system can also identify traffic congestion and its cause on a lane-by-lane basis, allowing users to direct their cars to less busy lanes, the company said.

Constant monitoring of location and road conditions is essential for advanced automated driving systems. NTT envisions deploying the technology in overseas markets such as Europe, the United States and China, where connected cars are being developed.

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