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Because being collaborative is more powerful.

Nordot is an independent platform where content providers and distributors collaborate and work towards a common goal:

Getting your stories out to as many readers as possible without having to worry about the extra costs.

As a Content Owner

As a Content Owner

  • Store stories (manually or automatically) in the Nordot platform.
  • Curators post lead-ins (not the full articles) of your stories on their website or app.
  • Get your share of ad revenue when the stories are read.
  • Open your writing to more opportunities.

Reach more readers, and receive a 61.8% share of the ad revenue.

As a Curator

As a Curator

  • Browse the Nordot platform for stories that fit your brand and values.
  • Post the story lead-ins to your website or app.
  • Get your share of ad revenue when the stories are read.
  • Reduce your content procurement cost to zero.

Cover more stories, and receive a 38.2% share of the ad revenue.

An Automatic, Flexible, Independent Platform

  • Search for stories using keywords and filters, and save searches for later.
  • Post selected story lead-ins automatically to your website, app, or social media.
  • Display stories within a modal window, so readers stay on your website.
  • Connect and collaborate from and within the platform.
  • Store and retrieve stories via RSS, API, or use the effortless Nordot CMS.
  • Stories are hosted on our servers, significantly reducing your hosting costs.

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Foster your brand as a Curator. Promote yourself as a Content Owner. Store as many or as few stories on Nordot as you wish.

No coding or design is needed. You can add the Nordot system to your website by copy and pasting a few lines of code.

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