How It Works

  1. Content Owners store stories in Nordot.

  2. Curators pick stories to publish.

  3. Curators post the story lead-ins on their website, app, or social media.

  4. Readers click the lead-in (a headline, 100 characters of body text, and an image) to view the full story on the domain, hosted by Nordot.

  5. Curators and Content Owners share ad revenue.

For ads shown on stories, revenue gets split between the Content Owner and Curator:


Your Branding as a Content Owner

The hosted story features your branding and links to your website and social media. Time on site is increased, and so is your brand awareness.


Curation Made Easy via the Common URL

Stories hosted by Nordot are delivered via our custom domain:
You can set Nordot to deliver your content using a canonical URL, preserving your SEO efforts.

Grow Your Audience for Free

There are no costs for using Nordot
19% of ad revenue goes towards operating the platform.

Initial Cost:$0

Ongoing Cost:$0

Get Instant Access to Over 500,000 Stories:

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