Apple unveils new iPhone 13

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Apple has unveiled the new iPhone 13, which is able to film "portrait mode" videos with a depth of field effect.

The new cinematic mode will "anticipate when someone is about to enter the frame" and shift focus to them in an ability known as "pull focus".

Apple chief Tim Cook has said that it is the only smartphone that lets editors use this effect after shooting.

The new iPhone also includes a faster A15 chip, a brighter display and a battery life that lasts up to 2.5 hours longer. The device will also be available in new colours including pink, blue, midnight, starlight and red.

The smartphone will have up to 500GB of storage with the lowest available rising to 128GB from the previous iPhone's 64GB.

The tech giant have also stressed how eco-friendly the device is as it uses recycled materials including antenna lines made from plastic water bottles.

5G connectivity has also been promised with the new models and experts believes this could be a crucial selling point for the phone.

Paolo Pescatore, an analyst at PP Foresight, said: "While many will see some upgrades as incremental, there are millions of users who have yet to upgrade to 5G. Therefore, this so-called 'supercycle' moment is still relevant."

Marta Pinto, senior research manager at IDC, added: "With the new portfolio, this number will grow and consolidate the dominance of Apple in that space.

"Not being the first [to launch a 5G phone] paid off."